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At Glass Openings we specialise in the manufacture of bi folding doors. We strive to combine elegance and sophistication with the very latest in high security and high performance bi folding solutions. Our company recognises the strong demand for folding doors, not only for successful businesses, but as a highly sought-after addition into many new home extensions. Our experienced team has ingeniously combined the lock system technology from debar with the market leading materials, introducing aluminium bifold doors to our product range. This innovative door solution is one of the most sought-after conception, not only by builders, but by home owners and developers alike. We manufacture and assemble all our products in the UK to guarantee quality, compliancy and security. In-house manufacture, state of the art machinery and highly qualified staff ensure that the quality of each door that leaves our factories is nothing short of perfection.

Enhance your home inside and out

Our bi folding doors will add style and efficiency to your house Glass Openings’ offering of reputable bi fold doors windows, are ideal for traditional and newly built properties. You can trust us to add value and beauty to your home, so make your dream a reality today and choose from our comprehensive range of bi fold glass openings.


Bi-folding doors are perfect for patios as they bring the outside in. With a frameless design we are able to create a continuity between house and garden. Our bi fold doors can be designed to fit any sized opening and their modern appeal is ideal for landscaped gardens, and gardens which possess scenic views. Each door leaf folds smoothly onto each other and is held firmly in place with magnetic pads to allow in maximum light and uninterrupted views. Unlike a sliding patio door, that remains only half open, Bi-fold doors fully open to seamlessly connect your living space with your terrace, patio or garden. Take a look at our Aluminum Folding Doors and give everyone the impression that your home seamlessly merges your garden and living space with the slim aluminum frames and maximum glass of our Bi-Fold Doors.

Types of Doors

Growing in popularity over recent years, bi-folding doors have the ability to provide the appearance of extra space and are a fantastic addition to the house. For a more traditional doorway, however, French doors make for an equally attractive doorway solution. Akin to patio doors, French doors allow for additional light to enter the house all at the same time as offering the perfect gateway between house and garden. Whether you are looking to change the opening of your house or to restyle it altogether, at Glass opening we offer solutions that come in the shape and form of any bifold door and folding door. We can offer you expertise advice all the way, from the color of your door to the style, glazing and type of lock, which will certainly make your home stylish, safe and comfortable.

Style and durability

With Glass Opening, house owners no longer need to choose between style and durability. Our bi fold door is designed to be both beautiful to look at and long lasting. What is more, our customers benefit from reduced energy bills as each glass opening is eco-friendly and can reduce heating costs by up to 20%. No matter the style you have in mind, we can assure you that our aluminum bifold doors come in all shapes and sizes, while also offering you a long-lasting safety and durability.

Market leading materials

Glass Openings only uses market leading materials to deliver superior performance every time. This guarantees all windows maximize on your investment, delivering you with aesthetically pleasing, energy bill reducing, innovative, quality window choices.

To discuss your requirements or schedule a surveyor appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact us page.
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High quality doors coupled with the best in high security

All of our bi-folds are coupled with Debar hardware to ensure your piece of mind. Debar is a British company, internationally trusted for the manufacture of hardware kits for bi folding doors. The Debar lock system is designed so as to be concealed elegantly within the profile of the door. Because the security of your property is of tantamount significance to Glass Openings, our bi folding doors come with a combination of the multi-point locking system and shoot bolt locks as standard. Debar’s engineering expertise ensures that all our handles are also as effortlessly functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Glass openings

The recent improvements in glazing insulation means that glass can now withstand cold weather conditions. This revolution has certified our brand and indeed our designs. We now have the creative licence to use as much glass required when designing and manufacturing exquisite doors for your openings. At Glass Openings we use low-emmisivity glass in all our doors as standard. This retains heat, reduces condensation and insulates your property from external noise and weather conditions.

Integral blinds to close off your glass opening

Our magnetically operated integral blind system is the innovative solution that provides protection from heat and light, offering complete privacy and sophistication to your room. Venetian blinds are instated between our double glazing to create smart looking and functioning bi folding doors. Given that they are free from dirt, dust and maintenance the integral blind systems are ideal for public and private spaces. Our cordless function is innovative, unobtrusive and user-friendly and comes with 10 years guarantee.

Aluminium is the way forward and the only way we are headed

The immense strength of aluminium facilitates the slim line design of our bi folding doors without comprising on durability, appearance or practicality. Aluminium is the natural replacement of UPVC. Unlike its predecessor, aluminium is versatile and may be powder coated in a wide range of colours. At Glass Openings you may choose from over 150 RAL colours, a polyester powder-coat paint that is baked onto the aluminium, creating a durable high quality finish that looks amazing and withstands all weather conditions. Aluminium is lightweight and practically maintenance free. There is no need for re-painting and no risk of fading or rust.

Our Bifolds, the most desirable home improvement product

Maximise the volume of natural light reaching the depths of your property by minimizing thickness of the vertical frame in your opening. By capitalizing on the strength and form of aluminium we can assure that your opening is indeed a “Glass Opening”. One that opens to give you access to the outdoors but invites the outdoors in, even when firmly closed.