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Bifold Opening Configurations

Bifold Opening Configurations

The beauty of bi folding doors is that they offer such an extensive choice of configurations. When it comes to bifolds, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. A bi-folding door can be designedto accommodate all tastes, applications and building requirements.Their popularity is accredited partly to its versatile nature, and in the fact that it stands firm in its aesthetic appeal regardless of technicalities. You can choose open out or open in, all doors can fold to the left or the right, or they can be split so that some panels fold to the left and others to the right. The number of panels you can have depends on the size of the aperture.

When ordering your bi folding door you will need to select which scheme of opening you require. "Scheme" is the technical term used within the bifold industry for how many doors are required and their respective handing, always viewed from the outside.

2 panel bi-folding doors

aperture width 1400 - 2050mm

3 panel bi-folding doors

aperture width 2060 - 2999mm

4 panel bi-folding doors

aperture width 3000 - 3999mm

5 panel bi-folding doors

aperture width 4001 - 5000mm

6 panel bi-folding doors

aperture width 5001 - 6000mm