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Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny files or pieces of information that are stored on your computer, tablet or mobile when you visit a website or interact with a website. Cookies do not harm your computer, tablet or mobile but can and will enhance your experience of using our website.

Most common web browsers have cookies enabled by default, but you can turn them off easily if you wish. However, disabling the use of cookies will mean you will not receive a good experience of using the world wide web or the Glass Openings website.

We are giving you the information about cookies and how Glass Openings use them, so you are informed about our usage as part of new and recent legislation on the use of cookies.

By using our website, we take this as your consent to allow cookies to be put on your device hard drive.

How we use cookies

To compare products, search for products and order products you need to have cookies enabled to use We do not use cookies to store sensitive data such as credit card details or to personally identify you.

We do however use tracking cookies to learn more about the visitors and purchasers to our website which allows us to improve the service we can offer you and others. These cookies also allow us to identify problems, issues and errors and fix in a timely manner.

Cookies are used with our marketing partners to show you relevant offers and advertising as you browse other websites, based on you and the products you viewed on our website. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement as well as measure the effectiveness of the advertisement campaign. All third party cookies are anonymous and do not contain any personal details such as your name, address, telephone number, email address or payment details.

What Cookies we use?

First Party

These cookies are the ones installed on your computer, tablet or mobile to allow you to compare products and purchase products as they act as a memory of what activity you are doing. Without them, these aspects of our website will not work.


We use cookies to analysis our website and advertising campaigns via Google Analytics. These cookies allow us to see how our website performs and how visitors interact with our website. The data and information from these cookies allow us to make improvements to give a better service and user experience as well as seeing areas were errors may occur.

We can also see how often users have visited, where they leave our website, where they enter our website and what marketing channel is most effective for our marketing campaigns.

Cookie Management

If you do not have cookies enabled for your browser your experience of will be limited and many features will not be available to you. To check whether you have cookies enabled we have listed information for the most commonly used web browsers below:


Click on 'Tools' at the top of your browser window and select 'Internet options' , then click on the 'Privacy' tab

Ensure that your Privacy level is set to Medium or below, which will enable cookies in your browser

Settings above Medium will disable cookies


Click on 'Tools' at the top of your browser window and select Options

Click the 'Under the Hood' tab, locate the 'Privacy' section, and select the 'Content settings' button

Now select 'Allow local data to be set'


Click on 'Tools' at the top of your browser window and select Options

Then select the Privacy icon

Click on Cookies, then select 'allow sites to set cookies'


Click on the Cog icon at the top of your browser window and select the 'Preferences' option

Click on 'Security', check the option that says, 'Block third-party and advertising cookies'

Click 'Save'