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All of our bi-folds are coupled with Debar hardware to ensure your piece of mind. Debar is a British company, internationally trusted for the manufacture of hardware kits for bi folding doors. The Debar lock system is designed so as to be concealed elegantly within the profile of the door. Because the security of your property is of tantamount significance to Glass Openings, our bi folding doors come with a combination of the multi-point locking system and shoot bolt locks as standard. Debar’s engineering expertise ensures that all our handles are also as effortlessly functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.

The Debar steel Bi-fold door lock is designed to be concealed within the profile of the door. The Debar lock system is made to allow any configuration of bi-folding door to have access from both inside and out and is specifically useful when configurations with no swing panel are incorporated in the arrangement.

You can now rest assured that by combining our beautifully designed doors with the strength and incredible technology configured by Debar, we will provide you with elegance, convenience, safety and modest costs that not only fit your budget but allow you to have your dream folding doors.

* Please note, when ordering our handles with our bifold or French doors, the handle will be delivered with the doors. However, if the handle is purchased separately it will be sent to you via Royal Mail 2nd Class recorded delivery.