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French Doors

French Doors

For stylish appearance when space is at a premium take a look at Glass Openings’ stylish slim-line French door. Manufactured from the same profiles as our bi folding systems, our slim-line aluminium French Doors are the preferred choice for narrower door apertures. Aluminium has brought the French Door back to the forefront of contemporary innovation and style. The French door has always been renowned above other entrance doors for its ability to let in light, add elegance, character and romance. Read More...

Make a big impact on your home with our exterior French doors. They add natural light to your interior and are available in a range of styles and materials. Our Exterior French Doors will give your home a touch of class. Each one is made by experienced craftsmen using quality materials. Outward or inward openings are available, with features including security locking and low mobility access. French Doors are an ideal choice for modern homes and combine quality with choice. They can transform your living space and will add value to your home. Our contemporary aluminium French doors are designed to be energy efficient, low maintenance and easy to install.

At Glass Openings, we understand that the most important consideration when upgrading any door system is security. Our standard locking system is effective, reliable, accredited and compliant. Debar locks and hardware are used throughout our product ranges as security is not to be compromised. With the advanced polyamide thermal technology, which creates a thermal transmittance barrier between the cold from the outdoors and the warmth of the indoors, premium glass specification and double-glazed units, you can be rest assured that our modern French doors are as energy efficient as they are aesthetically pleasing.

We also understand your need of having a house, which is not only safe from the dangers from the outside world, but also from unwanted noises and bad weather. That is why our French doors are perfect for modernising the home and have been expertly designed to keep out unwanted noises and draughts, so your home stays warm and quiet. Read Less...