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If there is a particular size you are after or a design option not provided on the site please contact us on 0203 355 5311 and our consultations team will be happy to help

Current Lead Time This is the time between the initiation and completion of the production process.
4 - 5 Weeks
Price from: £1,099.99 Inc. Vat

Width :
Height :

In stock

  • 10 Years Guarantee
  • Size: 1200mm (Width) x 2100mm (Height)
  • Slim Line Design
  • Multi Point Locking System
  • Choice of 2 Colours
  • A Rated Glass U Value 1.2
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(Here include Brochure, Installation Guide and Operator’s Manual)

Price from: £1,099.99 Inc. Vat

Required Brickwork Openings
1220mm (w) x 2110mm (H)


Double Glazed


U Value
1.6 W/(m2.K


Document Q


10 Years Guarantee

  • Internationally trusted locks, handles and hardware
  • Top quality Aluminium to facilitate our slim line design
  • Energy efficient glazing that is also very secure
  • 10 year guarantee on all the above
  • 30mm polyamide thermal break for increased thermal values : 1.4 W/(m2.K
  • Document Q compliant
  • Quality French doors at cheap prices and short lead times
  • Consultation, sales and after-sales teams to ensure breath taking results but effortless process

Our slim line aluminum French doors have been priced to suit all budgets and designed to resonate with all tastes. The French doors come with trickle vents, multi-point locking systems, premium handles that are suited to the chosen colour of your door and a standard threshold with a 150mm weathered cill.You can pair your door with an alternative handle by purchasing one of our high security handles from our Fixtures page. Our French doors are outside opening as standard.

Our express French Doors are available in 2 colours. We have leftthe option of assigning the main door to you so that it meets your design and usage needs. You have the opportunity to elevate your doors further with our hi-tech range of magnetically operated integral blinds.

Our French doors meet Document Q requirements. At Glass Openings we stock our French Doors. They are available therefore for express delivery. Our packaging makes receiving delivery and installation easy.

We manufacture and assemble all our products in the UK to guarantee quality, compliance and security. In-house manufacture, state of the art machinery and highly qualified staff ensure that the quality of each door that leaves our factories is nothing short of perfection. Our set-up means that we are able to deliver quality products to you fast and cheap.

Our magnetically operated integral blind system is an optional extra offered on all our products. The built in between glass blinds are an innovative solution that provides your property protection from heat and light, offering complete privacy and sophistication to your room. We understand that the most important consideration when upgrading any door system is security and that is why all our hardware is supplied by an internationally renowned and trusted brand.Debar’s engineering expertise in hardware and locking systems ensures that all our handles are also as aesthetically pleasing as they are secure and effortlessly operable.

If there is a particular size you are after or a design option not provided on the site please contact us on 0203 355 5311 and our consultations team will be happy to help