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Glass Openings Guarantee Against Manufacturing Defects

Glass Openings GO-70 series external bifold doors and French doors are guaranteed for ten years, including all of our glass units the guarantee is to the original purchaser only and proof of the date of purchase is required. The guarantee is conditional upon following and complying with the glass openings instructions and recommendations for installation, care and maintenance and our home owner’s manual. This guarantee covers replacement of faulty parts only and does not cover incidental expenses.

PLEASE NOTE: If you believe you have a claim for manufacturing defects under the Guarantee Terms and require a site visit from a glass openings representative, there will be an initial charge of £250 before the visit can be arranged. If manufacturing defects are found, this payment will be refunded. However, If upon inspection by the Representative, the Guarantee claim is not caused by a manufacturing defect, but is caused by poor or no maintenance or by poor or incorrect installation, the £250 cost will not be refunded. In every case a full and detailed site visit report will be provided to you with recommendations of what action will be required to solve the problem.

Aluminium Powder Coating

The aluminium coating of the Ultra and Supreme range of bifold doors and French doors is guaranteed for 10 years if they are installed 800 metres from the sea or 5-10 years if installed 500 metres from the sea. We offer no guarantee if these doors are installed less than 500 metres from the sea.

The aluminium and paint are guaranteed by the aluminium extrusion house, the bifold hardware is guaranteed by the hardware manufactures, the glass and integral blinds are guaranteed with the glass company. No guarantee is with us.