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An essential guide to buying bifold doors

An essential guide to buying bifold doors

The popularity of bifold patio doors has greatly increased over the last decade, with many homeowners choosing to create a feeling of light and space by adding them to their property. But how can you ensure you choose the right ones for your home? We’ve created this essential buying guide to help you with your decision.


An important consideration when buying bifold patio doors is the material they’re made from. The most popular options are aluminium and UPVC, each of which have their specific benefits. Choosing a material depends largely on the style of your home and the look you want to create, with aluminium offering a very clean, minimalist look, and UPVC providing timber-look finishes to complement older styles of house.

Timber and composite are also used, with timber offering a rustic, classic feel and composite delivering a ‘best of both’, with a traditional finish supported by the practicality of aluminium.


You’ll also need to know what size doors you require. If your opening is a standard size, you can opt for express bifolds, which are off-the-shelf products that fit straight into standard spaces. Sizes typically range from 1.8m to 5.0m with a varying number of panels available. If, however, your opening is a bespoke or unusual size, you’ll need to choose custom bifolds that are made-to-measure.


The type of glazing you choose can have a big impact on the light, temperature and maintenance of your bifolds doors. Several options are available including SGG Planitherm, solar glass and self-cleaning glass. When considering glazing, it’s best to speak to your supplier to determine what will work best in your home.


If you are happy to choose from a range of standard colours, an express bifold option could be for you. However, if you wish to customise the colour and look to suit your tastes or the design of your property, a bespoke option is for you. Think about the textures, materials and colours of not only your indoor space but your outdoor one too before deciding which to choose.


Attention to detail is key if you want your doors to look seamlessly integrated and completely in harmony with the rest of your home. As such, it’s essential to make the right choice even on small items such as the handle, or when deciding whether you’ll screen the glass. Pick a handle that offers practicality, security and a matching colour, and choose a screening option that makes the most of the extra light you’ll have.


Finally, it’s essential to choose a reputable supplier for your bifold patio doors. Even if you’re working with a smaller budget, take the time to research – the cheapest provider may not be the best quality. Good suppliers offer benefits such as a ten-year guarantee on their products, and their express options won’t compromise on quality.

Not sure how bifold patio doors work? Find out more about the express bifolds doors at Glass Openings and discover the perfect option for your home.