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Why Choose Bifolding Doors?

Why Choose Bifolding Doors?

Seamlessly Blend Your Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

One of the biggest and most obvious benefits of an exterior bifold door is that it removes the barrier between your indoor space and your garden. When opened, this aperture perfectly blends inside and outside and, when closed, the large bifold door provides occupants with an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Bifold Doors Take Up Little Space

Unlike French doors, which require a large amount of space around them in order for them to be opened fully, bifold doors fold back on themselves and sit compactly at the side of their opening. This makes them the perfect solution for those living with small gardens or living spaces.

Bifold Doors Allow More Natural Light Into Your Home

Glass bifold doors are a great way to increase the amount of natural light allowed into your home. This makes them perfect for dim, small spaces, or rooms with substantial light obstruction outside the window. Creating a light airy atmosphere in the room, glass bifold doors improve the enjoyment of inhabitants of the room and mental wellbeing while also cutting down on energy costs due to less artificial lighting.

Bifold Doors Have Flexible Opening Options

When choosing your bifold door or express bifold door, you can choose from a variety of opening options to suit your tastes and living space. Choose from opening the whole of your aperture or only a part of it, or open only one section for when you need quick, easy and convenient access. Unlike normal sliding doors, when only half the door can be open at a time, a bifold door provides flexibility that can work around your needs.

Achieve A Stylish and Modern Look For Your Home

Our bespoke bifold doors and standard bifold doors are created with sleek and stylish finishes. The slim frame of an aluminium bifold door enables home owners to achieve a virtually seamless view of their outdoor space with a simple and minimal look that is popular in modern homes. Modernise an older property or enhance the aesthetics of your already modern home with a slim bifold door.

Enjoy The Superior Security Of A Bifold Door

With locking systems carefully placed across different points of the sliding tracking system, bifold doors are much more secure than traditional sliding doors or French doors, which usually only contain one locking point.

Bifold Doors Create Flexible Living Spaces

Bifold doors are not limited to only external walls. Aninternal bifold door can be used inside your home create versatile open plan living spaces. Separate off two rooms or combine them within seconds to meet the changing needs of your occupants. Choose to add an integral blind in the glass to act as a room divider when you require some privacy.

Improve Natural Light Throughout Your Entire Property

When installing bifold doors inside your property, the glass bifold door allows natural light to spread further throughout your home than a window and ordinary door would allow.

Bifold Doors Add Value To Your Property

While the initial cost of installing a bifold door is not cheap, the value they add can make them a worthwhile investment for your home, making this a long-term advantage.

Bifold Doors Are Easy To Maintain

Choosing an aluminium bifold door requires minimum upkeep for homeowners. Each leaf of your bespoke bifold door or standard bifold door is comprised of a single pane of glass and an exterior frame, making them easy to wipe down and keep clean.